Insight's executive coaching and training leadership practice supports governments, civil society organizations, not for profits and the private sector. We help leaders facing complex change within their organizations or seeking to impact on the most urgent social challenges develop the needed diagnostic, managerial, self-awareness, and communication skills. Our clients have included heads of state, Hospital Association, Public Utilities Commissions, research institutes, rebel forces, and not for profits such as the Clinton Global Initiative.

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

Adaptive Leadership

Drawing on the Adaptive Leadership framework – pioneered at Harvard Kennedy School and based on over 35 years of research – Insight helps our clients recognise the nature and source of their most pressing challenges and gives them the skills to lead in complex environments. We work with intact groups, cross sections of organizations, executive teams, and new managers. Whatever the challenge, Insight will help cultivate the skills to diagnose it, the creativity to generate solutions, and the leadership to bring about the needed changes. 


Managment skills

Good management is key to organizational success and making progress on complex challenges. But being a good manager is hard. Insight helps organizations prepare their managers to effectively manage themselves, individuals, and teams. We train new managers advancing from an individual contributor role, and experienced managers who are transitioning to leading bigger teams and more complex projects to better appreciate the delicate act of design, facilitation and coaching required in management. The trainings: cultivate people management, emotional intelligence, willingness to give feedback and hear feedback and adjust, self awareness, facilitation, communication skills, setting norms of interaction and culture, how to drive results collaboratively, managing change, how to recognize aspect of conflict that are useful and creative and those that require constraints, how to create a culture of innovation, and how to align around purpose.


Communication for crucial conversations

At Insight we recognise that some conversations are not easy to have, and yet must occur in order for an organization to progress. We help clients to cultivate the skills to facilitate and have these crucial conversations, strengthening organizations’ and individuals’ capacity to work collaboratively together when conflicts arise in high-stakes environments. Our communication workshops help our clients to think through common communication dilemmas, prevent breakdowns in communication, and transform conflict into important dialogue.